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Sami + Co. Studio offers creative graphic design services to businesses of all sizes at affordable prices.  Shelly V. began her career as a freelance graphic designer in 2007 after obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Visual Communication.  Over the years Shelly has noticed one very common complaint, new business owners had to settle for poorly designed branding to begin their entrepreneurial dreams.  This was due to rising costs associated with professional graphic design services and an uptick in designers offering cheap services and just as low-quality branding - capitalizing on the disadvantages of new business owners.  Shelly wanted to be different.  She wanted to be able to offer high quality work at affordable options fit for every level of business.  Sami & Co. Studio encompasses that vision by offering our clients up front pricing on branding, marketing, and services.  We have a variety of resources for things like printing, mailing, and advertising to bring you the lowest cost possible while maintaining a high level of customer service and quality.  We hope as you begin to make your dreams a reality that we can remove some of the hardships faced by new business owners.Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful journey!- Sami + Co. Studio

Meet the staff

Shelly V.
Graphic Designer/Photographer

Shelly is a Procurement Assistant by day and a freelance graphic designer by night.  Located in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Shelly is inspired by the beauty in nature and the colorful world around her.Shelly is the face behind Sami + Co. Studio and our sole graphic designer.  She graduated Lynn University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic and Visual Communication.  The idea of being able to freelance has always been Shelly’s vision as she’s been able to work closely with companies such as Kuda Sharpening Systems, JB Hann, Jackson Performance and 3P Mechanical.  By working closely with these brands she was able to bring their visions to life while presenting a sense of professionalism and high quality to each project.

Mel R.

Located in Warsaw, Poland.  Missy has a background in graphic design and print production and is a photography enthusiast/hobbyist.  Missy met Shelly at the young age of 11.  The long history and similar interests make a fierce design duo.  The Ying to the other’s Yang.  You can call her, Shelly’s quality control.  Not a single design is made without input from Missy which ensures that at least two sets of eyes hit every Sami + Co. Studio project.Missy’s colorblind eyes give her a unique opportunity to see things Shelly can’t.  Don’t let her difficulty in seeing color fool you, this gives her an even greater advantage to seeing picture perfect compositions to create stunningly beautiful black and white photos.

Chris V.

Also located in Philadelphia, PA, USA is Chris.  A MB USA Technician by day and photography hobbyist by night.  Chris met Shelly in 2001 and have grown closer and closer every year serving as Shelly’s right hand man.  This duo spends many of their time off hiking and exploring new parts, cities and towns looking for adventure and the perfect shot.Chris was the surprise photographer we had no idea existed all these years.  His unique and creative photography led Shelly and Missy to place him on the team.  His photos are used throughout Sami + Co. Studio social media accounts, website, and Etsy shop.  Chris’ attention to detail and naturally creative mind helps both Missy and Shelly settle on designs when they just can’t make up their minds...which naturally, is almost every design.

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